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the tourmaline is looking good in my collection

now I have around 120 gems in my private collection, i was so happy to get the green tourmaline from you, yavorskyy do a very nice cut, now i make my friends jealous hehe, ok have a good day just wanted to share

Like a blue cave

This crystal's color is consisted with deep vivid blue and violetish blue. I could imagine a scene of blue cave or universe.
Absolutely, this is top color crystal.

Tsavorite 1.11 cts
Justin Tilford
belated thank you

Tsavorite has a beautiful emerald-green color and is one of the most popular and should be expensive varieties of garnet but on yavorskyy you guys are selling it at a very fair price so just wanted to say thanks and I received my order a few weeks ago but didn’t have time to say thanks till now. Keep up the good work, so glad to find this site

Pretty Crystals

These are various types, purple-blue, violentis blue, vivid blue and zoned pale blue & yellow. They are so much beautiful than in photo.

Perfect Stone

Pleochroism, colorfulness, color-gradation, all are perfect. I could understand that this excellent cut shape is significantly enhancing these optical effect. I'm glad to get this stone. Thank you.

great value and amazing gems thanks

Some friends in Japan told me good things about Yavorskyy so I decided to buy some a spinel gem to make into a custom ring design. I’m very pleased and my wife really loves that I did something unique for her.

Wonderful Customer Service and Gemstones

I have purchased a few times through the website and have not been disappointed. Any question about a particular gem was answered for me through email.

My reminder how lucky I am

I was originally thinking to make a ring with this but for now I just keep it on my desk in a nice box, it is so nice to look at and makes me feel like a king to have a spinel crystal.

Mandarín garnet

It arrived before expected. Great stones btw


A lovely Jeremejevite has arrived!
I am very happy to be able to purchase it.
The packaging was cute and the arrival was very quick.
Thank you for your polite response.



2020年まで、YavorskyyはHong Kongのショーで私のお気に入りのブースでした。 私は彼らの生きた石を楽しみに来ました。 残念ながら今は旅行できませんが、オンライン配信で最高の色の宝石を楽しむことができます。

Feeling radiant loved and lucky!

I'm feeling lucky after getting the blue tourmaline for my wife. Super radiant even with indoor lighting. Quite magical

Wow and thank you! I am really impressed with the Ruby Gemstone..

Wow and thank you! I bought the Ruby Gemstone and was really impressed with the color and quality. It’s looks even brighter in reality than in the photos. Now I’m already hooked so I will get some more but maybe Tourmaline or Spinel. Thanks again I am so happy!

Aquamarine 8.06 cts

I’m delighted!!!!

Большое спасибо 🙏🏻 Вам за то что у меня теперь есть такие потрясающие камни! Огранка фантастическая!!! ❤️ Любуюсь на эту красоту каждый день! Спасибо Вам за такую возможность!

Thank you for my pink spinels. They were well price pointed and will look beautiful set. An easy trade..