Tears of Heaven Blue Sapphire No Heat Sri Lanka 14.61 cts / 2 pcs

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An exquisite matched pair of unheated Ceylon sapphires with rich color and great clarity. The classic shape, together with the signature cut result in a symmetrical facet arrangement, with the reflections of light flickering strong, like stars in the deep night sky. The size of the matched duo complements the set of quality factors.  


Stone type: Sapphire no heat
Weight: 14.61 cts / 2 pcs
Dimension: 12.20 x 9.82 x 6.92  mm, 12.20 x 9.83 x 6.88 mm  
Color: Blue
Origin:  Sri Lanka
Shape & Cut: Oval, Yavorskyy cut
Certified: GRS

***...most people believe that Ceylon sapphires are pure blue, most sapphires can in fact be a blue to violet colour.***
(Extract from the book “Sri Lanka Gems" by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)

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