Pigeon's Blood Ruby No Heat 5.50 cts / 3 pcs website

Pigeon's Blood Ruby No Heat 5.50 cts / 3 pcs

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Stone type: Ruby no heat
Weight: 5.50 cts / 3 pcs
Dimension: 9.37 x 5.64 x 3.60 mm, 9.47 x 5.75 x 3.19 mm, 11.15 x 5.58 x 3.43 mm
Color: Red (Pigeon's Blood)
Origin: Mozambique
Shape & Cut: Pear, Yavorskyy cut 
Certified: FIG

An intensely fluorescented exceptional set of the three treasurous drops, flashing with fire - Pigeon’s Blood Rubies. The rarest color variety, the artful match in size and shape. The gems start an imagination game of creating the jewelry of your dream: earrings and exquisite pendant or an antique brooch; or just keeping as a treasure talisman for your collection, a talisman that can be passed from generation to generation - this is exactly that set of stones.

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