Pigeon's Blood Ruby No Heat 3.88 cts / 2 pcs website

Pigeon's Blood Ruby No Heat 3.88 cts / 2 pcs

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Stone type: Ruby no heat
Weight: 3.88 cts / 2 pcs
Dimension: 8.16 x 5.95 x 4.12 mm, 8.09 x 5.85 x 4.39 mm
Color: Red (Pigeon's Blood)
Origin: Mozambique
Shape & Cut: Oval, Yavorskyy cut 
Certified: Lotus

This magnificent pair of Rubies the deepest red iconic Pigeon’s Blood tone gives you the feeling of a double splash of intensive fluoresce and supersaturation. Great clarity of crystal, oval shape, Yavorskyy cutting style, and desirable size of over three carats for the pair make it the dream find not only for high jewelry designers but for all true gem hunters over the world.

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