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Mandarin Garnet 11.39 cts

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A mandarin garnet displaying the exemplary variety of vivid orange color for this gem. Fair choice of shape and cut results in a smooth and even color distribution, emphasizing the finest symmetry of the stone. Cushion shape, brilliant cut on the crown and step cut on the pavilion.

Stone type: Mandarin Garnet
Weight: 11.39 cts
Dimension: 13.60 x 12.02 x 7.54 mm
Color: Vivid Orage
Shape & Cut: Cushion, Yavorskyy cut
Certified: GRS

Treatment: Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)
Refractive Index: 1.770-1.820
Hardness: 7-7.5
Specific Gravity: 3.6-4.2
Optical properties: Singly refractive
Chemical formula: x3z2(SiO4)3
Shipment from: Thailand
Return Policy: 3 Day Money-Back Return*
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