“The Sirens” Blue Sapphire Ceylon & Madagascar 20.32cts / 2pcs

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A gracious pair of Blue Sapphires featuring our signature cut and praised color variety. The clean, unheated, lustrous duet enjoys homogenous color distribution and precise facet arrangement, sending out large sparkles all over the gems, as if the stars twinkling in the deep midnight sky. The significant size of each sapphire acquires even further recognition, considering it is a pair of spectacularly matching gems. 

Stone type: Blue Sapphire No Heat
Weight: 20.32 cts
Dimension: 14.10 x 12.18 x 6.62 mm, 14.16 x 12.52 x 7.10 mm
Color: Blue
Origin: Sri Lanka, Madagascar
Shape & Cut: Oval, Yavorskyy cut
Certified: GRS

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