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One of the Rarest Finds in the Yavorskyy Collection - JEREMEJEVITE

If we asked you to close your eyes and imagine the Blue Gem in front of your eyes. Which stone would it be? … splash! - the electric Paraiba on your finger, embedded in the exquisitely designed ring. …going deeper! - and you probably see the centuries-old Blue Sapphire or rarest splendor Cobalt Blue Spinel? So close … how about the gem that's very scarce, which is absolutely out of the jewelry market? Imagine Jeremejevite, which is definitely the rarest one, next to the iconic Cobalt Blue from Luc Yen.

In the “Gem Dealer’s Story”, book 8, Vlad shares this: “I think that I have known that I 'have a nose for stones'. I might get a feeling that a stone has been found somewhere in Africa. So, I’ll buy a ticket, fly out there, with no knowledge of how and where, and I’ll find that stone somehow, and I’ll buy it!” That was exactly how the journey went in 2019. It was absolutely spontaneous and the right decision to go to Africa, as today all rare gemstone and rare mineral lovers can collect and treasure the biggest gifts from Mama Africa. More than 100 samples from the light Aquamarine blue to yellowish, colorless or even bi-color zoning: light yellowish on the top and definite blue on the bottom. Just trying to find the second pool of the same quality, quantity and size of Jeremejevite you may be choosing from, online? (The largest faceted Jeremejevite in the Yavorskyy Collection is 13.36 cts, and the largest Crystal is an extraordinary 45.38 carats!). The mineral is too rare, too little in production and is absolutely a phenomenon among jewelers.

The places where Jeremejevite is found can be counted on one hand: Burma, the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan, Germany, Madagascar, Mt Soktuj in Russia (where it was unearthed originally) produce some tiny unfacetable crystals, and Namibia, where the most important sources are located and where Vlad Yavorskyy managed to find the rare-luck specimens for his own collection. In 1974, the first really good Jeremejevites were found near Swakopmund, at the so-called 72 Mile deposit. Since 2006, crystals have occasionally been yielded near Usakos.

Surprisingly (or not) last year, Vlad visited Namibia again and he couldn’t find Jeremejevite - not even a stone in the daytime with fire as they say. But can we blame Mother Nature? We can only be grateful and cherish the gifts we have. And one more thing we can do - remember our greatest discovery of 2019: from going down into the mining pit to designing the shapes in the office, placing the facets, dopping and polishing.

After all, relying on the knowledge of karma - a strong feeling of joy from what you have - can cause a new wave of good luck in new finds of Jeremejevite. So, cross your fingers and check the remaining available stones on our website.

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