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Jeremejevite is one of the most unique Gemstones in the world. Perhaps you have seen this rare crystal at mineral shows, or in gem collector’s guides, but it was almost impossible to actually buy Jeremejevite. Blue Jeremejevite is among the top rarest Gemstones on the planet and it is hardly available for sale. Natural properties of Jeremejevite endow it with many values.

1) Collectors’ value, because of the rarity and size. The origins of Jeremejevite are only Myanmar, the Pamir mountains, Germany, Madagascar and Mt Soktuj in Russia (where it was originally unearthed). The most important sources are located in Namibia, mainly in Erongo Region. Since 2006 crystals have been occasionally yielded near Usakos, including the latest pocket we purchased in 2019. It was perhaps the only significant find in 10 years.

Speaking of the size, the largest faceted Jeremejevite in Yavorskyy collection is over 13 carats Gem. A rare mineral specimen recently added to Yavorskyy collection is Blue Jeremejevite crystal of over 45 carats. Among all Gemstones found in Namibia, Jeremejevite is the most desirable for gems collectors.

2) Mineralogical and gemological value - for beautiful crystal formation. Transparent, intact and well-terminated crystals of blue Jeremejevite have serious value for mineral collectors and can reach auction-record prices. Once faceted, Jeremejevite displays strong luster and fine sparkle, but it is never free of visible inclusions. Fine needles, fingerprints, multi-phase, and fluid inclusions create a whole magic universe inside a little stone, and it’s a true gemologist’s delight. Gemology students love to examine Jeremejevite properties because it is one of the very few piezoelectric Gemstones.

3) Aesthetic value for any gem lover - because Jeremejevite is simply a beautifully colored, lustrous, durable and desirable gem. Unlike most certified colored stones, you can identify Jeremejevite with a naked eye and basic gemological equipment. Together with Red Beryl, Red Diamond, Taaffeite, Grandidierite, Alexandrite and few more, Jeremejevite is in the top 10 most unique Gems on the planet. However speaking of blue gemstones, Jeremejevite is definitely the rarest one, next to the iconic Cobalt Blue Spinel from Luc Yen.

Jeremejevite price starts from $60 USD for a little crystal.

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