New Stock: 7cts Red Ruby vs Crypto Gems website

New Stock: 7cts Red Ruby vs Crypto Gems

Crypto gems

April Showers Bring May Flowers.

A poetic reminder that nothing unpleasant happens without a good consequence.
As limitations of the physical world are getting stricter, we continue our expansion into the virtual world of bits, pixels and waves. The latest wave got us diving deep into crypto art, so we created our first NFT gemstone artworks 👾 
Vlad Yavorskyy has always been a pioneer in all his gem endeavors, so why lag behind today.

 Crypto spinel

Take a look at our Crypto Spinel and make your bid!

Apparently we can't do digital art without digital money, so here's the good news:
We now accept crypto as a payment method for our real stones.
Just send us an email prior to purchase, and we'll share our wallet with you.
We share your concerns about traditional transactions getting more and more troublesome, and we want to make your Fine Gem Shopping as easy as possible.

 Crypto gems
And the best news: we still hunt for the best gems in the physical world, don't get us wrong.
Digitalization is just the expansion, not the shift of profile.
Behold the most important find of last month:
Super Gem Natural Ruby 7 carats from Mozambique.
Red as the pigeon's blood, clean as the eagle's eye, a new pride of Yavorskyy private collection.

Ruby no heat 7.02 ct

We're still there for you on other precious stones, including Emerald - the birthstone of this month.


And of course we're working on our movie production: check out this nostalgic Old Film about Burma 1999 from Vlad Yavorskyy's private unseen archive.

Burma old film

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the new blockbuster on Thailand next week. This will be dedicated to the power of Female and Fertility, a timely gift for the Mother's Day. All that said, don't forget to prepare a present for your Mother, even if takes crypto money to buy it ☺

Grand ma

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