Jeremejevite: the New Rare Name to Collect and Treasure website

Jeremejevite: the New Rare Name to Collect and Treasure

Rare gemstones and rare minerals’ lovers need to learn the new five syllables in the world of precious collectibles.

The name
The name has been there for almost two centuries, but it is only now that we can speak up of Jeremejevite as a fine colored Gem worth joining Yavorskyy collection. All thanks to the pocket recently found in Namibia, perhaps first time in 10 years. One of the rarest gemstones in the world, Jeremejevite was first discovered in the south-east of Lake Baikal in Siberia in 1833. The stone proudly carries the name of Pavel Jeremejev, Russian geologist and mineralogy teacher to the members of Romanov Royal House. You may come across various spelling variations like Yeremeyevite or Jeremejewite, but once you see the Blue Gem itself, there will be no mistake.



The mineral

Crystallography-wise, Jeremejevite is aluminum borate prisms forming in hexagonal crystal system, at times with perfect pyramidal termination.  It occurs in granite pegmatites associated with Quartz, Topaz, Garnet, and others. Transparent, intact and well terminated crystals of blue Jeremejevite have serious value for mineral collectors and can reach auction-record prices.  

Once faceted, Jeremejevite displays strong luster and fine sparkle, but it is never free of visible inclusions. Fine needles, fingerprints, multi-phase and fluid inclusions create a whole magic universe inside a little stone, and it’s a true gemologist’s delight. 
Just like Tourmaline, Quartz and Topaz, Jeremejevite is piezoelectric.

Jeremejevite crystals

The color
When first discovered, Jeremejevite was confused with Aquamarine for similarity in crystal habit and color. Such a comparison is actually favorable for the newcomer, as Aquamarine color is undoubtedly the pinnacle of light blue in gemstones. It is curious how many rough Jeremejevite display bicolor zoning: light yellowish on the top and distinct blue on the bottom. Apparently, blue is the most coveted and rare color for the Gem, while colorless or yellowish varieties can be found more frequently and yet scarcely on a global scale.

Together with Red Beryl, Red Diamond, Taeffite, Grandidierite, Alexandrite and few more, Jeremejevite is in the top 10 most rare stones on the planet. However speaking of blue gemstones, Jeremejevite is definitely the rarest one, next to the iconic Cobalt Blue Spinel from Luc Yen.

But Jeremejevite
The rarity
The localities of Jeremejevite can be counted on one hand. Burma (near Mandalay), the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan (Khorog), Germany, Madagascar and Mt Soktuj in Russia (where it was originally unearthed) produce some tiny unfacettable crystals. The most important sources are located in Namibia, mainly in Erongo Region. In 1974 the first really good Jeremejevites were found near Swakopmund, at the so-called 72 Mile deposit. Since 2006 crystals have been occasionally yielded near Usakos, including the latest pocket we purchased in 2019.
Speaking of the size, the largest Jeremejevite seems to still be questioned. According to some sources, it is the 27ct crystal found in Madagascar. The Guinness Record Book though says it’s 45 carats faceted Gem in the hand of a lucky collector. What we can authorize for certain, it’s that the largest faceted Jeremejevite in Yavorskyy collection is 13.36cts, and the largest Crystal is extraordinary 45.38 carats!

Jeremejevite for sale
The value
When it comes to faceted Blue Jeremejevite, ‘impressive size’ means anything above one carat. Just to understand how unachievable and invaluable the Gem is.
Gem cutters and goldsmiths praise Jeremejevite as it is good for polishing and could be finely used in jewelry, unless it was so rare. It is hard (7-7.5 on Moh’s scale), solid (no cleavage), sparkling, of coveted and dignified color, not brittle and does not require any enhancement to look beautiful. The only reason such collocation as ‘jeremejevite jewelry’ is not frequent on google search is because the stone is too rare, too little in production and basically is a miracle among jewelers.  

Faceted Jeremejevite
The magic
If you’re into crystal healing, here’s good news. Regardless the Gem was discovered relatively not long ago, its energetic properties have been already studied and proven.   Jeremejevite is associated with conservative thinking, stability, composure and relying rather on your experience rather than intuition. It is said to calm down your mind, cure depression and nervous disorders. Any headache or breathing issues can be alleviated by watching the blue facets of Jeremejevite. If you were born under an air sign (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra) you are especially advised to wear a Jeremejevite for achieving financial stability, contempt, and revealing hidden talents.

Crystal Jeremejevite

No matter which part of the story touched you personally – the magical properties, the unique value, the gracious blue color – we are certain that Jeremejevite has something to do with you. At the very least, everyone is excited to acquire a little piece of unique treasure at such attractive prices. Mother Nature cannot guarantee she’ll give away more of these rocks anytime soon, and we cannot guarantee the stones will remain available on our website. After all, Jeremejevite is one of the rarest natural gemstones in the world, and we better hurry up to touch a piece of eternity with our own hands. Carpe diem!

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