Highlights of the year: Namibia, Luc Yen, Pamir website

Highlights of the year: Namibia, Luc Yen, Pamir

This year at Yavorskyy was dedicated to 3 remarkable places and 3 Gemstones. One place inspired a Film that has already resonated greatly in the gem industry. The other place inspired a Book, the long-awaited and well-deserved chapter in the history of Spinel. The most prolific gem land yielded a pocket of rare Blue Jeremejevites, a groundbreaking art photo project, and another visual delight that we finished just now. Enjoy the performance!

The new film on Namibia: from Usakos to Epupa Falls through Yavorskyy lens.

Always on repeat: Blue Splendor, the largest Cobalt Blue Spinel in history. 

Finally, some fresh impressions on the New Spinel Book: cheers to the great achievement! 

It’s been a fruitful and vibrant year, hasn’t it.
Let’s celebrate it with a sparkle, sharing our gratitude and warmth with loved ones.
The surest way to warm the hearts of your precious people is a gift of our New Spinel Book, intimate and life-affirming.
Order your copy now and it will reach the lucky recipient just on time for a heartfelt celebration.
Happy Gifting Season!


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