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13.28 cts Blue Splendor is the largest Cobalt Blue Spinel in history cut by Vladyslav Yavorskyy and kept in his private collection, never before exposed for viewing.
In 2009 the Gemstone received two major laboratory reports stating its extraordinary nature.
In 2019 we’re celebrating the 10-year anniversary with this film, telling an incredible story of the Gem.

The most spectacular fine blue mineral was only discovered in the beginning of 2000’s, and it made Spinel Gemstone one of the most expensive stones on the planet. Among many Blue Spinels from all origins, it is only Vietnam that produces this unique color: electrifying, neon, hypnotic Blue, exclusive for only one location on the globe. Only this perfect “windex” blue color earns highest praise in the world of fine gems and yields sky-rocketing prices.
Cobalt Blue Spinel from Luc Yen mine in Vietnam is the rarest and most desirable fine stone, and the biggest hype in the modern gem industry. The sensation of 13-carat precisely cut and clean Vietnam Blue Spinel spread far beyond gem society, reaching Art Connoisseurs and Treasure Collectors worldwide. The reason is, this gemstone is one of the most incredible and priceless objects of Nature, Beauty, Rarity and Master Expertise.

Cobalt blue spinel Vietnam
Price for the Cobalt Blue Spinel from Vietnam can reach many thousand dollars per carat. However this perfect blue material is so rare and limited, the maximum size you can get is below one carat. Any well-cut gem above one carat and especially two carats is collectible and exclusive. The thirteen-carat Blue Splendor is an unprecedented treasure.
Among all Rare Blue Gemstones, the Cobalt Spinel possesses unique beauty factors such as sparkle, brilliance, unparalleled color tone and other physical and chemical properties. The ratio of the size, quantity and demand for Cobalt Blue Spinel is extraordinary. Putting all the factors together, Vietnamese Cobalt Spinel is perhaps the most expensive blue gemstone in the contemporary world. Blue Sapphire can compare only in color tone, but not in rarity or price. Blue Diamond cannot get close to the supernatural blazing Blue tone of Cobalt Spinel. Fancy colored Diamonds in other colors like Red and Green can be outrageously expensive and rare, but the Blue Splendor Spinel is only one in the world.
 Vietnamese Cobalt Blue Spinel
The largest in history and most coveted natural Spinel of Cobalt Blue color from Luc Yen, Vietnam, was cut by Yavorskyy in antique-inspired eggy shape. It graces the cover of Terra Spinel: the first sold-out collectible book by Vladyslav Yavorskyy. Never before and never after had Mother Nature produced another Cobalt Blue Spinel of comparable size.
We spent a whole year creating this movie. Our crew of professional filmmakers flew all the way to Luc Yen in Northern Vietnam to dig deep in the Spinel mine; visited Yavorskyy’s workshop and art gallery in Bangkok; attended the largest Gem & Jewelry Exhibition in Hong Kong to see for ourselves. We tried to deliver the beauty of the stone at its best, sharing our awe of witnessing this miracle of Mother Nature. We hope you appreciate watching an artifact of unquestioned beauty which is only one in the whole world.

Vietnamese Cobalt Blue Spinel

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