Cobalt Spinel: most valued modern Blue Gem from the only mine on Earth website

                  COBALT BLUE SPINEL              

The unique Cobalt Blue Spinel from the legendary Luc Yen mine in Vietnam.

Why is the Cobalt Blue Spinel so desirable and hunted for by Gem Connoisseurs? It is all about its extremely limited production, size range and availability, and its otherworldly natural untreated color above all.

The karst mountains of An Phú, near Luc Yen in Vietnam, is the world's only source of that very neon tone, the most coveted of all gem blues. The amount of this intoxicating treasure is so tiny, that a decent clean gem of even half a carat is quite a rarity. Everything one carat up immediately becomes the target of the most seasoned gem collectors.

Ever since its discovery in the early 2000’s, the cobalt blue spinel has been unrivaled. Indisputably, it is the cult gem.