“Paradiso” Paraiba 8.01 cts

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Paraiba is the most expensive and desirable variety of Tourmaline, the only one that tolerates heat treatment to maximize its mesmerizing color. The price for a fine Paraiba raised as high as 2.7 million USD at Christie’s in 2018.

“What I saw sent a jolt to the brain: vividly saturated stones – green, turquoise, and deep blue like a sparkling, crystalline sea. The colors seemed to pierce a new area of consciousness, pouring into my head like colorful lava, stirring up a passion as intense as the stones themselves.“ (by Brian Cook, Gemstones: Terra Connoisseur)

Stone type: Tourmaline
Weight: 8.01 cts
Dimension:  14.37 x 10.10 x 8.28 mm
Color: Blue
Shape & Cut: Oval, Original cut
Certified: GIA

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