Aquamarine 60.46 cts / 2 pcs website

Aquamarine 60.46 cts / 2 pcs

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Stone type: Aquamarine  no heat
Weight: 60.46 cts / 2 pcs
Color: Blue
Origin: Mozambique
Dimension: 27.60 x 20.82 x 12.51 mm, 27.02 x 20.50 x 12.53   mm
Shape & Cut: Shield, Yavorskyy cut
Certified: GRS

***In a palette ranging from the light, angelic blue of a springtime sky through the tranquil sea-greens of a tropical sea to the intense,piercing purity of a summer's sky as it meets the ocean, this is a gem that makes such whimsy seem less the stuff of legends than of fact.***
(Extract from the book "Gemstones" by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)

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