Aquamarine 45.86 cts / 2 pcs website

Aquamarine 45.86 cts / 2 pcs

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Stone type: Aquamarine  
Weight: 45.86 cts / 2 pcs
Color: Blue, Santa Maria type  
Dimension: 20.96 x 14.38 x 10.69 mm  20.95 x 14.38 x 10.79 mm
Shape & Cut: Cushion, Yavorskyy cut

This extraordinary pair of Aquamarines, weighing over 45 carats, presents a captivating display of the renowned "Santa Maria" blue hue. Cut into elegant cushion shapes in the signature Yavorskyy technique, these gemstones embody a harmonious blend of tradition and modern craftsmanship. The serene blue color of the Aquamarines evokes images of clear tropical waters, offering a soothing and tranquil presence. With their impressive size, totally untreated nature and Yavorskyy cut, these Aquamarines are not only a testament to nature's beauty but also a remarkable tribute to the skillful artistry that enhances their inherent allure. Whether set into exquisite jewelry or admired in their pure form, this pair of Aquamarines stands as a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

***While pure beryl is colorless, it is the trace of iron in its makeup that creates the sea-meets-sky blue-greens of limpid aquamarine.***
(Extract from AQUAMARINE chapters of the book "Gemstones. Terra Connoisseur" by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)

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