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Inclusions in natural colored stones is a positive sign to differentiate them from man-made materials. Clarity of a gemstone is one of the price-determinating factors, alongside with color, cut, and carat weight.

Normally in a fine gem inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. In cheaper stone inclusions can be obvious from a certain angle.

We photograph all stones from different angles with no editing to show the maximum interior. However, you may reveal more internal features when you study the stone thoroughly. Having said that, the closest to seeing the real gem would be a video, so you can always request us to offer a short clip under natural light to help you decide better.

Colored stones are traditionally faceted in “mixed” cut: brilliant cut on the crown and step cut on the pavilion. “Yavorskyy cut” is a long-established hallmark of precision cut standard within fine gem material. By saying “Yavorskyy cut” one presumes that a fine gem has been cut from the rough (or re-cut), with the proportions and layout of facets chosen to maximize the brilliance and color of the stone, regardless the yield loss. However, some items in our stock keep their “local” cut, i.e. for a certain reason they haven’t been recut after purchase.

Certain crystals are kept in their rough unfaceted state, the way they were found in the nature.