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Tsavorite, aptly described by the man who first brought it into the limelight, is a “magnificent, fiery green gemstone”. Amazingly however, it remains one of the most under-appreciated of all gems. It rivals, and very often triumphs over emerald, its famed green competitor. So why then is it emerald and not tsavorite sitting among the pantheon of gemstone greats? The only explanation can be its limited, albeit illustrious, history.

But once the word was out it was inevitable that the gem world would be more than excited by tsavorite. The human eye can recognize more shades of green than any other color, and is particularly drawn to bright, vibrant shades, so of course tsavorite is irresistible. The finest examples are an absolutely pure, vivid, grass green, enhanced by the monochroic nature of the gems. Tsavorite also displays a high degree of fire, much superior to emerald and corundum. In fact, the garnets are said to glitter so brightly that they are even visible through fabric. Tsavorite is as also hard as emerald, yet more durable due to its lack of inclusions, rendering fine examples pure pools of transparent green.

And tsavorite is incredibly rare, particularly in any significant size. There are few specimens over two carats due to the immense pressures under which they were formed, which shattered most of the largest crystals before they could see the light of day. To find anything over five carats is nearly unheard of and large stones only become more rare as each day passes. That said, they are incredibly luminous even when diminutive.

So the Tsavorite possesses it all: beauty, rarity and hit-you-in-the-eye character with no need at all for any enhancement. What nature has given this gem is more than enough. If green is the color of life, then tsavorite is a pure, everlasting, tangible expression of nature’s vitality. Undervalued? Absolutely! But its time is almost here. We should be open-mouthed in amazement that such a gem should exist and that queues are not forming around the block with collectors, designers, merchandisers, fashion gurus – anyone with any knowledge of the gem world – all begging to be a part of the action. They are already shuffling to make room in the pantheon of gemstone greats. A superstar has been born and its deification is almost complete.
(Chapter from the Book “Gemstones. Terra Connoisseur” by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)