Tourmaline gemstone: a rainbow-hued crystal with spiritual properties


According to lore, tourmaline was thought to encourage friendship, stimulate imagination and preserve good health. Wearing a tourmaline could make a woman more desirable to her lover’s eyes. Usually confused with emerald throughout history, green tourmaline was considered to carry the essence of the plant kingdom.
The Empress Dowager Tz'u-hsi, the last Empress of China, adored and avidly collected pink tourmaline. During her lifetime, she bought nearly a ton of it from the Himalaya Mine in California, USA. When she died, she was laid to rest among all her jewels, and her head was set upon a prized pillow of carved pink tourmaline.
Ancient Egyptians believed that tourmaline had such an impressive variety of hues because it broke through a rainbow while pushing its way up to the Earth. During this journey, it gathered all the beautiful colors.