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Pink Sapphire: the Precious Rose-Colored Stone of the Moment
Of all members of Precious Corundum family, Pink Sapphire is one of the most wanted right now on the market. For centuries long it has been - objectively - one of the most beautiful Gemstones ever born in the Earth’s crust. Just think about its electrifying fuchsia color of pristine purity, the supreme hardness, luster and other precious corundum’s benefits, the inner red glow keeping the stone bright even in the darkness...
An aura of romance surrounds pink sapphire, a fascinating gem with, like all corundum, a hardness second only to diamond’s. Pink Sapphire price varies depending on its size, clarity, cut, and color - above all. In a feminine palette from pale pink to intense magenta, pink sapphire is colored by traces of chromium and sometimes titanium, which gives it a purplish hue. The best and most coveted color is a vibrant, saturated, deep “hot-pink” or “bubble-gum” pink.
It has long been mined in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Tanzania and Kenya, but its popularity was given a great boost when new deposits were discovered in Madagascar at the end of the 1990’s. At one point it seemed we should have abundant supplies of these Madagascan pink sapphires, however that could not last for long. Nowadays a piece of fine jewelry with natural Pink Sapphire in certain size, cut and vibrant orchid tone is quite an investment – as it was always destined to be.
Pink sapphire is found in hexagonally shaped tabular crystals, sometimes elongated as a double pyramid. Large stones of high quality and free from inclusions, are very hard to find.
At first glance feminine and even delicate, pink sapphire is a strong, elegant gemstone that like a beautiful pink orchid, makes one feel exotic, regal and invincible. Don’t wait for the Pink Sapphire sale - most gems only keep rising in price. Buy your Precious Sapphire gems right now at our online shop:
(Chapter from the Book “Gemstones. Terra Connoisseur” by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)