OTHER COLOR SPINEL              


It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you ask anybody in the gem world about their favorite gem, the most likely answer will be: “spinel”. The reason is not simply its phenomenal brilliance or impressive range of colors. The secret is that the colors of spinel please the human eye in a very special way and some of those colors are simply unparalleled.
Neon pink is one of the rarest colors ever found in nature, and spinel is the only gem with the color to live up to the name. Neon is the epitome of true color. It is as pure as it gets, never marred by shadowy hues or dark overtones. But more than that – it has an inner glow that zings – affecting the eye and its perception of that color with almost indescribable force.
The orangy-pink spinel comes as the essence of tenderness and delicacy. The fiery red spinel burns with the flame of ardor. Green – well it scarcely crosses your mind to think of green in connection with spinels – but though you may have never seen it, it does exist – and is strongly praised by collectors.
And then there is the color-change spinel. Most color-change stones have one color that is beautiful but another that isn’t quite so delicious. Not in the spinel: here both colors are equally beautiful. Vivid purple to intense blue, tender pink to lilac – whatever the light, the color is delightful, not to mention the striking fire and sparkle. The fusion of violet and blue in this exceptional forty-carat spinel is dramatic. A gemstone that shows such fascinating color and that comes in this size, clarity and cut is something wonderful to behold – truly a once in a lifetime experience.
Some gems are unique for their color or size. Some colors are unique to a particular origin. Spinel is always unique. Always a rarity, always supremely desirable, it is also scarcely obtainable. And then – just look at it, let it work its magic on your eyes – let it surprise you you as it always will, in the most sensational way.
(Chapter from the Book “Gemstones. Terra Connoisseur” by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)