Grey Spinel: new trendy Gem in a brilliant silver tone

                  GREY SPINEL              

It is no exaggeration to say that one of the biggest breakthrough trends in recent years has been fashion’s adoption of the color gray – in all its shades. The color of the New York skyline, London’s once famous fogs, Rodin’s sculpture, monochrome photography – all these are gray, all redolent with cool sophistication, liberty and decadence. However, the impressive rise of gray spinel is not due only to what is currently in vogue, but to the gem’s beauty, finally recognized. From intense skyscraper-gray through subtle steel-gray, it is all in the air: smoky, misty, cloudy and rainy gray. With a drop of beige it tastes like coffee, with a dash of mauve it soars like a dove.
What will also distinguish a fine gray spinel from other gem varieties are its size, clarity, and relatively frequent occurrence even in Burma – as frequent as a rare gem can get. Its most distinct features, however, are its phenomenal metallic luster and mirror-like reflection. The presence of zinc in the chemical formula brings out the spinel’s naturally strong brilliance and sparkle. Overtones of purple, blue or lilac do not mask the body color. On the contrary, well synchronized with the multicolored light reflections, they complete a multidimensional optical effect. Bold and cool, gray spinel gleams with chic and an independent spirit.
(Chapter from the Book “Gemstones. Terra Connoisseur” by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)