Morganite 84.38 cts / 2 pcs website

Morganite 84.38 cts / 2 pcs

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Stone type: Morganite  
Weight: 84.38 cts / 2 pcs
Color:  Pink
Dimension: 32.90 x 21.52 x 12.11 mm, 32.97 x 21.50 x 10.70 mm
Shape & Cut: Pear, Yavorskyy cut
Certified: GRS

***  It is a rare gem, colored by manganese and cesium and mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and the USA. It can be found in large crystals, usually clear but when included these inclusions are multiphase - a crystal and a gas bubble in a liquid cavity - or needle-like, resembling rain.***
(Extract from MORGANITE chapters of the book "Gemstones.Terra Connoisseur" by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)  

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