The Cosmos Blue Sapphire Burma No Heat 20.28 cts

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Exceptional Blue Sapphire from Yavorskyy’s private collection. The size, shape, proportions, clarity and color tone are extremely rare for this material in natural untreated state. The origin of this stone is Burmese, which is a scarce occurrence in this locality and therefore highly sought after- especially with this deep blue saturation.

“Burma? The blue of the finest Mogok stone is something beyond vivid, beyond intense, into a realm where blue, black and lust intermingle. But black is perhaps too strong a word, for there is nothing black about a Mogok blue. To visualize this, think of the color of a desert sky about 15 minutes after the sun has set, with stars rising in the distance. This is the color – an intense azure.” (by Richard W. Hughes, Gemstones: Terra Connoisseur)

Stone type: Blue Sapphire no heat
Weight: 20.28 cts
Dimension: 15.71 x 13.58 x 11.13 mm
Color: Blue
Origin: Burma (Myanmar)
Shape & Cut: Oval, Yavorskyy cut
Certified: SSEF
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