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Aquamarine: the Fortunate Gem
From the Bible’s Revelations to the last month’s royal wedding sensation, Aquamarine has been the luckiest gemstone over centuries. The Blue Beryl has it all: from the eloquent name, equally poetic in all languages, to the enviable reputation and provenance. Jewelers of all times have chosen it for durability, affordability and the desirable color spectrum from angelic sky blue to rich azure. Aquamarine inspires artists and poets, it heals believers and wards sailors. Its natural crystals and rough specimens mesmerize mineralogists and gem collectors all over the globe, with finest samples reaching sky-high prices.
Earlier this year in Tucson Vlad Yavorskyy saw this spectacular crystal formation, and no matter how precious it could be as an intact rough piece - the Gem Cutter needs to cut. Luckily, the size and span of the crystal allowed us to play with designs and facet truly artistic gems with beautiful internal life. This collection of angelic blue color with a touches of fresh mint is remarkable for bold designer shapes and spreads - matching pairs included, and the brave natural world inside the stones which we totally accept beauty-wise and price-wise.
The other collection of Aqua came to our hands in March, and this production speaks for itself. If they refer to the most intense and coveted color of Aquamarine as Santa Maria, this production is definitely among the most beautiful saints. The size, cut, clarity, luster and the deep noble blue color makes each of the gems quite a dream. If you also dream about the Gem on everybody’s mouth - go straight to Aquamarine page on our website and make your choice! Buying fine Gemstones online have never been more fun!