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Always a pioneer, Vlad Yavorskyy knows how to break the ground for colored gemstones. This year we have spread the horizons literally on a global scale: finally, our Gemstones Book is released in China. If you ever tried to enter the most advanced global market, you would learn the way: impossible. Still with lots of support and enthusiasm from our Mainland appreciators, we managed to have our ultimate guide on connoisseur gemstones rooted directly in China, translated in Mandarin and adapted to the culture. 

Gemstones book Chinese

Leave alone the centuries-old tradition of worshipping Jade on a daily life basis, China is definitively number one culture for colored gemstones nowadays. In China, you need to study 4 years to get a degree in gemology (compare to few month-courses we fellow gemologists usually take). And the requirements are getting stricter. This year the government of China released a compulsory module  “Jewelry Evaluation” for future appraisers to pass the Certified Public Valuer examination. The book is supervised by the wife of the former Prime MinisterWhat makes it incredibly special to us, is Yavorskyy being the only foreign company featured in this book! 


The Spinel chapter refers to images of Yavorskyy Spinels in explaining how spinels are priced based on the size, color, clarity, origin, luster and more. We are honored to be part of this project, staying testament to time, making a mark in being exemplary. We would like to thank those appreciating Yavorskyy as the quality standard worldwide, and personally Jessica Han, Gem-A ambassador in China.  

Embrace the bigger world with Yavorskyy Gems quality standard! 

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