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Hi, I'm Vlad Yavorskyy and finally I'm moving all my Gemstones on a separate platform.
The name is tricky to spell but here's a hint how to memorize it easily. Yavorskyy is triple Y.
First Y: Why so many?
I started to collect gemstones 30 years ago and never ceased until now. I don't take my stones on memo, I purchase them from my own pocket and pay upfront. I sell gemstones and re-invest this money to buy new gemstones. The amount of gemstones in my collection is overwhelming, and yet some of the iconic gems have never been displayed. If you feel like possessing one-of-a-kind Gem hidden in my vault and never exposed to public - you are welcome to reach me directly vlad@yavorskyy.com.

Mr Vladyslav yavorskyy

Second Y: Why so multipriced - from $19 to priceless?
Because when I first came to Burma / Tanzania / Sri Lanka / The Pamir / Madagascar etc as a young geologist, no one would sell or even show me one Gem unless I proved my serious intention. That's why I was buying rough stones in large batches to master my cutting. Among that rough, I could pick only few Gems which fit the Yavorskyy quality standards. The rest 95% of stones were small and awkward, and still I cut them all perfectly, leaving no waste. That is why Yavorskyy Gems stretch from those little old batch-fillers to our famous show stoppers, creme de la creme, Yavorskyy Fine Collection of treasures worth naming.

Red Spinel Mogok Burma

Third Y: Why online?
Because we're advancing with customer habits and don't lag behind in the offline neverland. We put tremendous effort to display even a tiny gem in its full character, from all angles, with all internal features, as if you were looking at it with your own eyes. We simply will never handle to bring all the boxes to any gem show, and you will hardly see them in our office. So we rather present them all on our specialized website and make your online gem shopping experience even more exciting than ever before.
Pink Spinel 2.39 cts / 2 pcs

Play safe with our flexible return and refund policy. Customize your search with our multiple filters on color, cut, origin, report and price. Stay tuned with daily new arrivals and subscribe to our biweekly news. Finally, indulge in a gamble with our know-how Gem Auction. Place your bid and get your stone for as little as $0.1

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