Vlad Yavorskyy's Personal Rings Part I 💙 BLUE SAPPHIRE and the story of Mr Ajward

Very timely, with this film we’d like to congratulate Mr Ajward on appointing as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association.

The Gem Rings which Vlad Yavorskyy wears himself is the most popular inquiry from Vlad Yavorskyy's fans🔥 Let's get started talking about natural BLUE SAPPHIRE from #SriLanka🇱🇰
Blue sapphire ring
"All the stones in my collection, and especially the ones I wear, are related to people I have met during my lifetime. There is a personal memory attached to each one".

Watch the firsthand vivid evocations about old school Sri Lanka dealers, the most respected Guru from Colombo these days Mr Ajward and the rarest archive of live negotiations 15 years ago!

Several hundreds of #Sapphires during each trip to Sri Lanka?😳 The 500 kg safe and the twisted yoga asana?🧘‍♂️ You have no ideas how it combines together in the context of a Super Gem Blue Sapphire!

Vote in comments bellow what ring we we'll be talking about next ❕❓ Red Spinel Ring or Tsavorite?🧐⚖️ The more active you are - the sooner the new #GemsTalk episode is coming!

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