The New Pamir Film: Kuh-i-Lal Spinel Village today and 20 years ago website

The New Pamir Film: Kuh-i-Lal Spinel Village today and 20 years ago

This is a piece of my heart I’m sharing with you now.
Our new big film shows the life at the legendary Spinel mine today, compared to the 1990’s when I visited it with my Leica camera.
At that time I only had limited resources but managed to take historical film photographs and collect few Pinkish-Red Gems, featured in our New Spinel Book.
Last year we sent our team to Tajikistan again fully equipped with cameras, drones and other advances of civilization to create this professional piece of cinematography, a sentimental tribute to Mavladot and his Family, who melted my heart for good

Mavladot Farkhodov
is the oldest and most honored resident of the village who witnessed the extraction of the largest Red Spinel in history in August 1986, hosted young geologist Vlad Yavorskyy on my first travel to Pamir, and generously shared his home, time and memories with us twenty years later.
In this poetic and touching film, the main character Mavladot and his family tell us about Tajik mountains, the Badakhshan people, traditions and culture of the Pamir, and the mining of precious Spinel stones in the legendary Kuh-i-Lal mine, active for few thousand years until recently.

Pamir film

We are happy to dedicate this film and the book: SPINEL FROM PAMIR to the people of the mountains, who’s hearts sparkle even brighter than Pamir Spinels.

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