The new generation on the move! The best luck gem fishing of 2023 🎣 website

The new generation on the move! The best luck gem fishing of 2023 🎣

My son, Yan, in the Luc Yen mine, Vietnam! 🇻🇳 So proud, that’s my man! Enjoy to the fullest the first-hand impressions of seeking the Cobalt Blue Spinel, the rarest of all rarities!

Yan, in the Luc Yen mine

“I’m Yan Yavorskyy, and sharing my father’s dreams about the most coveted gemstones, I decided to go to Vietnam seeking the Blue Spinel. The stone that doesn’t have any secondary color on the planet, the rarest of all rarities. My father, Vlad Yavorskyy, told so many about the first time he reached Luc Yen with Dr. Paretti. It was about 15 years ago, there was no road, nor time for rest. He drove 8 hours - but he managed to witness and buy a bunch of Blue Spinels. So many, it was crazy. And so much money. Dr. Paretti asked him, “Why is it so expensive?" But later on, it became obvious that it was not expensive at all. I just feel inflamed with the idea of this Blue Dream. So, I took my friend Mike and went to Vietnam right away…

Yan, in the Luc Yen mine

…It was definitely one of the most unique experiences of my life being able to see the mining operation. People there have pretty much dedicated themselves to finding this Cobalt Blue Spinel and other types of stones. Surrounded by rice fields, surrounded by buffaloes roaming and puppies playing, it was definitely something I had never seen before. It was super incredible, and it just gives you that much more appreciation for these stones and the work that was put in to finding just a tiny sample. So super incredible! The main intrigue - have we managed to find any Blue Spinels?... ” Yan Yavorskyy

So, let’s take a look what Yan managed to find! No man, it’s a mind blowing blue set - the collection of Luc Yen Cobalt Blue Spinels: from vivid blue to pastel and lavender. That’s the find of 2023! Super saturated, juicy Cobalts!

Cobalt blue spinel

The best news? Yan is ready to sell it! The largest stone is 2,34 carats. Other samples: square 0,55 carats; triangle 0,55 carats; small one 0,1 carats; ovals 0,45 & 0,5 carats. Listen attentively to know the first fixed prices. My suggestion to my son was to sell them as a set as they are the rarest materials which can be a matching fusion for the jewellery, rather than let him think that one by one was possible.

Request the availability of each gem privately. Follow the new generation on the move and stay tuned!

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