The new BOOK by Yavorskyy 📚 Burma Gems. Sri Lanka Gems. website

The new BOOK by Yavorskyy 📚 Burma Gems. Sri Lanka Gems.

Two lands. Two origins. One destiny. In the history of gemstones, these two names have always been crucial. Burma Gems. Sri Lanka Gems. is a new duplex Book by Vladyslav Yavorskyy that will twist your expectations about the classic treasuries. Just like one continent unites the two most significant gem-bearing lands, one book holds together the two stories, totally different in the layout and energy, yet similar in the style and taste.
To highlight the unique nature of the project, the duplex book in the brand new format is printed in a limited edition: 888 sets only, each set numbered and signed. Few hundred copies have been already sold, but you still have a chance to get a lucky number: first come, first serve! Hurry up to get your copy of the new collector’s Twinning Gem! a Enjoy the full preview and order your Book in one click at
Price: $188 USD for the set of two books*. 
*shipment $49 worldwide except few countries 
**special price of $1000 USD for the boxes 1/888 and 888/888.
***lucky number 88 will be sold at special conditions.
****all lucky triple numbers are double price. Still available only : #444, #555
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