STUDY TOURMALINE in just two minutes!

Guys, we are very pleased to continue our original educational series "Gemstones in a Minute". Let's explore #Gemology together in the best way you can imagine - fun, easy, masterly, colorful, FREE and presented by your humble guide Vlad Yavorskyy.

Study Tourmaline
In the first issue, we learned about the basic gemological facts about natural Spinel, one of our favorite gemstones, which Yavorskyy has been collecting for over 30 years. This video is about Tourmaline. A gemstone that cannot but amaze and delight! A gemstone that exists in all colors of the rainbow!

Study Tourmaline

We're working on the next releases right now, so we really need your comments below - what can we improve to make them even better for you? Don't forget to like this video on our YouTube channel and subscribe to see the next show. Stay tuned with the new generation of #gemeducation!

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