See you in Hong Kong: Yavorskyy AWE 3C24 website

See you in Hong Kong: Yavorskyy AWE 3C24

September Show in Hong Kong is more than just the largest Gem venue in the world. For us, it is home. No matter what, you always come back home. No matter what’s going on in the material world, you always can resort to the world of creative magic. Fortunately, the subjects of our non-material artworks are the most beautiful and rare Gemstones.

Hong Kong show

This year we’re showing you something you could only dream of. Literally, a dream of a Gem, which you only heard of in stories and seen on the cover of The Spinel Book. The largest ever and most wanted Cobalt Blue Spinel from Luc Yen, Vietnam, in Yavorskyy-cut eggy shape. A whole crew of film professionals spent a year to shoot this 7-minute story. Whatever you see, will overpower anything you ever knew about Spinel.
Stay tuned. Watch the teaser. See you in Hong Kong.

Cobalt blue spinel Veitnam

Hong Kong AWE Hall 3 Booth #3C24
16 - 20 September

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