October Birthstone Tourmaline: a Rainbow of Delights website

October Birthstone Tourmaline: a Rainbow of Delights

Whether you believe in birthstones or not, October is a great time to remember Tourmaline, the Gem of the largest color palette among all. Here is Yavorskyy top 5 Tourmaline chart. 
Lagoon Tourmaline
5) Lagoon Tourmaline 
The soothing green-blue hues work magic both on the eye (for their beauty) and the soul (for their natural availability). While top quality pieces are obviously hidden in vaults of most exquisite collectors, the smaller gems can be still found in Yavorskyy collection.
4) Chrome Tourmaline 
The most coveted variety of Green Tourmaline which even deserved a separate chapter in our GemstonesBook. Available as loose stones and jewelry centerpiece at yavorskyy.com

3) Rubellite
Whenever we get a call for a Big Red Stone from Hollywood, we always suggest a Rubellite. No other natural Gem comes in such a large size and such a piercing color to illuminate the red carpet. Leave alone color definitions in gemology, for the audience Rubellite is a perfect Big Red Stone.
Indicolite Tourmaline 
2) Indicolite 
So much has been said about the Royal Indigo, that very special acquisition from Namibia couple years ago keeps delighting us until now. A few discerning jewelers and collectors have started to make pieces with those teal gems, quite unparalleled in color, and the trend keeps rolling like a snowball. 

Paraiba Tourmaline
1) Paraiba 
If you haven’t followed recent auction’s results, you might still wonder what’s the hype about Paraiba. Especially for you we tried to put the Paraiba phenomenon into words, numbers and pictures in our article, and you are welcome to take a look one more time. Viewing the mesmerizing color of Paraiba is proven to be beneficial for your eyes :) Enjoy the beauty therapy! 
And the Grand Prix goes to... 
Bi-Color Tourmaline (Pink to Blue) 
This unique crystal from Afghanistan holds a special place in our collection. With its size, clarity and color distribution it is simply one-of-a-kind.
We would also like to thank Watermelon Tourmaline 🍉, Padparadscha-color Tourmaline, Olive, Yellow, Mint and Pink Tourmalines for bringing joy of colors and natural powers to their owners.
Happy Birthday Tourmaline! 
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