Missing Gem Mines: New Video Tribute to Madagascar website

Missing Gem Mines: New Video Tribute to Madagascar

After 8 months of conscious lockdown out of Bangkok gem hub, we definitely feel gemsick, as opposed to homesick. Unless “home” is where your heart belongs, and Yavorskyy’s heart belongs to the lands of gem mining.

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Traveling through memory cards, we have re-discovered our 2016-2017 adventures in Madagascar. All the wonders you could hardly imagine - Isalo Rocks and volcanic lakes, lemurs and baobabs, pre-historical sailors on the Maldives-color seashore, a myriad of local kids entrapping you into a folk dance, and above all - that historical Sapphire Rush in ILAKAKA at the Swiss Bank mine in 2016... all those highlights could no longer be hidden, so we finally came up with a family-friendly film. Sway to the beat of this colorful live performance as you bring the ray of sunlight into your gloomy fall.

Speaking of gem-land films, we’re excited to see that our Namibian blockbuster hit the top of Google Search in less than one year, with 11.000.000 views! It’s never too much of Rocks, Falls and Girls, so we invite you to re-watch the film and refresh your sense of freedom without boundaries.

Another little gem worth your attention: a pin-up tribute to the ladies of Mogok, the Ruby capital of Burma. Before this video we never realized that the wives of Ruby and Spinel gem miners are naturally feminine and charming to the fingertips. Share a smile with us!

As much as we miss traveling to the wild treasuries, we miss Gemstones themselves, in all their aspects. That’s why we continue our pioneering educational show “Gemstones in a Minute”, with two episodes already released - make sure you’ve seen them both and stay tuned for the next episodes on Ruby & Sapphire!

Travel safely through your memories, stay healthy and warm-hearted, wherever you are!

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As one Madagascan Proverb says:
“All who live under the sky are woven together like one big mat.” 🌍

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