Jedi Spinel: the most wanted Pink to Red Gemstone website

Jedi Spinel: the most wanted Pink to Red Gemstone

"Show me Jedi Spinel" - this is what customers would inquire about every minute during the gem trade shows in Hong Kong in the last couple years. Why is this rare stone in such high demand and what is so special about it? Jedi Spinel
Jedi Spinel from Mansin (Mogok, Burma)

Mogok area in Myanmar is famous for its gem-bearing hills, one of which, called Mansin, yields Spinel of sweet Pinkish-Red color. Gem-quality samples are very scarce though, as always with Spinel. A fine Mansin Spinel over one carat is extremely rare and desired by connoisseurs. However, you can find quite a few tiny little stones with lower quality, full of inclusions and yet radiating with the inimitable red glow. In laboratory reports this color will be described as "vibrant pinkish-red", sometimes varying to "neon red" and "hot pink“. All in all, every time you hear Jedi Spinels, think about exactly the Red Spinel from the Mansin mine in Mogok.  Jedi Spinel from Mansin Mogok Burma

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