Happy New Era from Old Gems! 💎 website

Happy New Era from Old Gems! 💎

Happy New Year 2021

Dear Friends and Followers,

As you all know, 21 December 2020 Jupiter aligned with Saturn in Aquarius for the first time in 240 years. 🪐
At that moment the era of material values - labor, land and physical capital - has made way for the new era, which we are all entering now.♒️
The Age of Aquarius is guided by free spirit and non-material values such as knowledge, intellectual property, creativity and forward-thinking, hi-tech, shifting boundaries and developing new type of liberty 🗽

Being an old-school company with traditional virtues, we are sad to witness the vanishing of the good old lifestyle... when people gathered to talk in person over a freshly cooked dinner, wearing beautiful dresses and jewels, sharing hugs and kisses free of masks and limits... that is irreplaceable.


On the other hand, half of our Team is young blood, so we face the new era boldly, highlighting the non-material virtues of material Gems in the most advanced ways: know-how, visual, online, free, easy to digest and worth your attention. We hope you've enjoyed our biggest achievement of 2020 "Gemstones in a Minute" and looking forward to the next episodes in January!

Happy New Year 2021

In the meantime, let's welcome 2021 with all proper attributes, like in our new animated film.

Remember that if you cannot change anything outside - you have to change something inside. With your attitude you can turn any uncertainty to adventure, limitations to purification, and may your problems seem nothing but champagne problems 🍾 
Cheers to the Happy New Era!🥂

Yours faithfully,
Vlad Yavorskyy & Yavorskyy Team

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