Guess the new Pink Diamond website

Guess the new Pink Diamond

Look what we found in the recent article by The New York Times.

<<Mr. Borruso [the head of sales for Europe at Sotheby’s London], finished with his coffee, opened a vitrine and pulled out a pair of earrings featuring both pink diamonds and spinels. “You can’t really tell which is which,” he said.>>
Baby Pink Spinel

Vlad Yavorskyy, dubbed the Spinel Man, happily agrees with all things said in the article.
Finally, it’s not us alone who is delivering the first-hand truth.
We are proud and grateful to be the living proof of this long-awaited acclaim for the Royal Gem.
Yavorskyy selection of fine-cut Pink Spinels can surpass most of Pink Diamonds beauty-wise. And above all, there are simply more of them available in this particular color shade. Vlad Yavorskyy has collected the sparkling Baby-Pink Gems over 30 years, so we still have enough for you, no matter how rare it becomes.

Officially, it’s the time to “shine bright like a Diamond” with your own Pink Spinel.
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