GEMSTONES IN A MINUTE - learn gemology online with Yavorskyy website

GEMSTONES IN A MINUTE - learn gemology online with Yavorskyy

We are excited to announce the launch of our original educational series “Gemstones in a minute”.

Gemstones in a minute

In the world of online routine, our task is to deliver the basic gemological knowledge in the most advanced manner: short, fun, simple, professional, comprehensive for everyone and of course for free.

Learn Spinel

In the first episode your humble guide, a worldwide expert on precious gems with over 30-year collection Vladyslav Yavorskyy, shares the gemological overview about his favorite stone - Spinel.

Study gemstone spinel
Whether you are an amateur gem enthusiast or professional gemologist, we are certain to get you stuck to the screen for these two minutes, enjoying the pioneering way to present gemstones, like never before.

If you have any suggestions how to improve the program, feel free to follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and leave your comment! We’ll be happy to create this series together with you!

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All you need to know about gemstones in just two minutes - join the new generation of gem education!
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