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Blue Sapphire is a Blue Game!

“Blue Sapphire is a Blue Game. It’s a really tough Game. It looks so innocent, but it’s not really innocent. It’s big money right there.” Vlad Yavorskyy
Blue sapphire

That was a “boom” for Vlad Yavorskyy’s subscribers on Instagram as Vlad had cut the Blue 30-carat stone step by step with Sri Lankan master, Sarath, with whom he started to cut stones in 1994. That was a real Blue Game! 💙 People wrote that it was a crazy idea to cut the giant into two stones, just to have a feather inclusion more pleasant to the eye, just to move it from the center. But are there any different ways, any crazy impossibilities for a master dealing in gems for more than 35 years? Intuition says: “let’s do it!” and hands get started!

So, we have the best material from Madagascar, kind of velvety - 30,25 carats! We have a major inclusion inside of the stone that we will try to recut to move this inclusion from the center to the side, so it will not bother your eyes 👀 And we have the whole process recorded step by step: discussing of the material and idea, starting meditation, pre-shaping, tools preparation, sawing, weighting, cutting, checking the size, polishing, studying the final design. Watch until the final touch, and see the two blue rare stones we finally get!

Read Vlad Yavorskyy’s story of having his first cutting wheel and practicing cutting in the New Book: “A Gem Dealer’s Story”. Now available as an audiobook at 📚

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