AMETHYST: Healing #FebruaryBirthstone in a Hypnotic Water Flow website

AMETHYST: Healing #FebruaryBirthstone in a Hypnotic Water Flow

Diving into the purple endlessness of Amethyst, we find so many mysterious legends about how the stone was origined. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed it was "the gem of sobriety" and Leonardo da Vinci wrote that Amethyst had the power to dissipate bad thoughts and to sharpen intelligence. This "Gem of Gods" is truly blessed with an aura of purifying and healing and has the most soul-touching meaning for Vladyslav Yavorskyy himself:


"My Father is 86 years old. He’s Aquarius ♒️ Amethyst is the only Gemstone he knows (but always forgets the name). My wife is Aquarius, too. Every time we visited my Father in Ukraine, he would take my wife by the hand, lean to her and ask secretly: “What’s the name of our stone with you?” Last year on departure from Bangkok my wife took a little #Amethyst in her wallet to bring it to my Father when we reach him. Unfortunately, we never made it to Ukraine until now, you know why. But the Gem has been with us for all this time. So with this little film we wanted to make a tribute to all our Parents in the new era of Aquarius ♒️ No matter the physical distance, our love for Parents is flowing like water to the depths of their souls, holding the most precious memories, and purifying our hearts. Happy #birthstone Amethyst!"

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