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2021 Lucky Omens: White, Moon & Silver

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You don’t need to believe in astrology, symbolism or esotericism in order to be happy.
And still there’s no harm in using some simple tools to attract good luck.
Here are the good things you can do daily:
🍀 Get out of bed on the right foot.
🍀 Wear red on Tuesdays and yellow on Thursdays.
🍀 Watch out for a shooting star.

And here’s what you can do starting from 12 February to please the host of 2021 - White Metal Ox.
🤍 Slow down.
🤍 Buy silver.
🤍 Wear Gemstones of lucky colors: White, Grey, Light Blue and all those in the pastel metallic palette.

We’ve already prepared a selection of Lucky 2021 Gems so that you don’t even need to think twice.
Just choose your price range (from $19 to investment), the rarity (from classic Aquamarine to one-off Jeremejevite) and the feel (from feminine curves of Moonstone to the bold cuts of Yavorskyy lapidary school).
May the lunar year 2021 bring you good luck, peace and 🤍.

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