Posted on November 09 2019

    13.28ct Blue Splendor is the largest Cobalt Blue Spinel in history cut by Vladyslav Yavorskyy and kept in his private collection, never before exposed for viewing. In 2009 the Gemstone...

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  • See you in Hong Kong: Yavorskyy AWE 3C24

    Posted on September 13 2019

    September Show in Hong Kong is more than just the largest Gem venue in the world. For us, it is home. No matter what, you always come back home. No...

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  • Jeremejevite: the New Rare Name to Collect and Treasure

    Posted on June 20 2019

    Rare gemstones and rare minerals’ lovers need to learn the new five syllables in the world of precious collectibles. The name The name has been there for almost two centuries,...

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  • Yavorskyy brings Namibia to Hong Kong Show

    Posted on June 14 2019

    Two months passed since our journey to Namibia, and it's high time to present what we acquired. Follow these three steps, and relive the thrill of Africa just the way...

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  • Photo Report: Art Hong Kong vs Life Burma

    Posted on April 04 2019

    Last week we flew to Hong Kong for the special purpose. Two major art events took place in the capital city of the rich and demanding world.A week before that...

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  • Meet Yavorskyy in Hong Kong: AWE 11-E17

    Posted on February 22 2019

    Hong Kong Gem Show doesn’t need a special introduction.Not only the world’s major business happening, it also is our home.Home to the finest species of Yavorskyy precious collection.Get ready for...

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  • Join Yavorskyy in Tucson 5-10 February!

    Posted on February 01 2019

    Welcome to the show! Please come visit us at the same place as ever. Our Dream Team is growing fresh and vibrant, just like our Gem collection. We look forward...

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  • Garnet: Number One Birthstone of the Year

    Posted on January 23 2019

      January’s birthstone is a subject of our particular attachment and pride. Perhaps nobody has done better than us to celebrate Garnet. Published in 2014, “Terra Garnet” by Vladyslav Yavorskyy...

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  • Highlight of the Year: Open Mogok

    Posted on December 20 2018

    Flying over the tops of Mogok "Ko Lay, can we go to Mogok by the new road? It's much more beautiful!”“Cannot. They check all cars.”“But last time we laid down...

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  • 💎Online Gemstones Made Easy 🛒

    Posted on December 13 2018

    Hi, I'm Vlad Yavorskyy and finally I'm moving all my Gemstones on a separate platform.The name is tricky to spell but here's a hint how to memorize it easily. Yavorskyy...

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  • Yavorskyy hallmark in Mainland

    Posted on November 01 2018

    Always a pioneer, Vlad Yavorskyy knows how to break the ground for colored gemstones. This year we have spread the horizons literally on a global scale: finally, our Gemstones Book...

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  • October Birthstone Tourmaline: a Rainbow of Delights

    Posted on October 16 2018

    Whether you believe in birthstones or not, October is a great time to remember Tourmaline, the Gem of the largest color palette among all. Here is Yavorskyy top 5 Tourmaline...

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  • Yavorskyy & Other Stones

    Posted on September 20 2018

    Tastes differ. Facts remain. There's a lot of charm in a honey-colored Citrine, the sparkle is irresistible in Zircon, the purity is remarkable in Topaz. That is how Gemstones appeal...

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  • See you in Hong Kong: Yavorskyy AWE 3C24

    Posted on September 06 2018

    “People are waiting for your books like they are waiting for the new iPhone”.  This is what we heard lately from a few unrelated people in different countries.  Humbled by...

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  • The new BOOK by Yavorskyy 📚 Burma Gems. Sri Lanka Gems.

    Posted on August 27 2018

    Two lands. Two origins. One destiny. In the history of gemstones, these two names have always been crucial. Burma Gems. Sri Lanka Gems. is a new duplex Book by Vladyslav Yavorskyy that will twist your...

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  • The Winning Gem Team

    Posted on July 17 2018

    The World Cup fever is in the air, and it inspired us to revise our bench warmers. The smaller Yavorskyy gemstones, usually overshadowed by the big and stunning celebrities, in...

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  • Join Yavorskyy Gems in Hong Kong June!

    Posted on June 18 2018

    What we like about Hong Kong June Show is its quiet tone and small scale. It is a perfect time to share our latest Gem acquisitions with those enjoying subtropical...

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  • Aquamarine: the Fortunate Gem

    Posted on June 05 2018

    From the Bible’s Revelations to the last month’s royal wedding sensation, Aquamarine has been the luckiest gemstone over centuries. The Blue Beryl has it all: from the eloquent name, equally poetic in all languages,...

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  • Gems & Gemology 1995. The Katherina Red Spinel 123 cts

    Posted on May 19 2018

    (Extract from Gems & Gemology magazine, fall 1995, XXXI volume) "Large spinel from Tajikistan. Spinel is another gem material being recovered from this former Soviet republic in Central Asia. We...

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